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Get the Most For Your Mold Damage Claims By Hiring a Certified Public Adjuster

Many home and business owners may not realize it, but mold damage can result in significant long-term health problems, as well as significant deterioration in the resale value of their property. That’s especially the case in Florida, where the combination of a buildup of water damage from frequent storms and a high humidity environment can allow mold to grow unabated, causing “hidden” problems that are recognized only too late. However, by the time you decide to file a mold damage claim, insurance companies may not be willing to pay the full amount of your claim. Even worse, an insurance company might decide to deny your claim outright.

That’s where a certified public adjuster gets involved. Think of the certified public adjuster as someone who can help you to get the most for your mold damage claims and someone who can hold insurance companies to their long-term obligations. If you have been forced to vacate your home because of mold, or if you are suffering from respiratory issues (e.g. asthma, bronchitis, allergies, flu) because of mold, then you need the help of a trained, seasoned public adjuster who knows exactly how the system works and how to navigate it most efficiently.

So what exactly does a public adjuster do? Simply stated, a public adjuster works on your behalf to level the playing field and help you receive equitable compensation for any mold damage you might have sustained. The services that a public adjuster provides include:

• Helping home and business owners understand their coverage
• Filing the mold damage claim for you if you haven’t already done so
• Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf
• Documenting damages for your claim
• Scheduling reliable and accurate damage inspections
• Arranging for mold removal or mold remediation services
• Recommending vendors (such as plumbers) as needed
• Preparing documents, reports and forms on your behalf

In short, a public adjuster is your advocate, someone on your side who can help to ensure a fair, equitable process. You have the right to live in a safe and healthy living environment, and insurance companies have an obligation to pay any claims resulting from mold damage. To make that possible, we will walk you through your current insurance policy, helping you analyze the extent to which your insurance company needs to be held responsible for mold damage claims.

A public adjuster is especially useful in helping to determine “loss of use” damages. These are damages that result when you are forced to vacate a home or business. Think of these damages as the extra expenses or loss of income that results when your life gets turned upside down by mold damage. We will help you to quantify these damages in a way that maximize the amount of the settlement from the insurance company.

So if you have been a victim of mold damage to your home or business, you don’t have to go it alone. A certified public adjuster is ready to fight on your behalf, and navigate the entire process with you. The end result is that you will receive the maximum settlement for your mold damage claim.

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