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Water Damage Public Adjuster

Unfortunately, water damage is something that can happen to anyone, at any time. No property in the world is immune from flooding, which is why it’s so important to have adequate insurance coverage. But, even if you’re insured, the experience of having your property catastrophically damaged is extremely stressful.

Just imagine returning to your home and seeing your floor covered with water, and all of your personal possessions drenched. You’re obviously going to go into panic mode. You’ll need to consider how you’re going to remove the water, salvage your belongings and repair the water damage so your home can return to normal.

But, there are plenty of steps you need to take in terms of your insurance. The insurance claim needs to be filed correctly, it needs to be negotiated carefully and you need to make sure everything is covered. If those things don’t happen, you’ll be left in a position where the insurance company will leave you out to dry, and you’ll have very little to rebuild with.

Respectfully, most people aren’t sure how to file a claim properly, and they certainly don’t have the experience of getting what they’re owed. That’s why insurance companies capitalize on that. The claims adjuster will represent the company and work hard to pay out the very minimum, because they aren’t on your side.

That’s where we come into play. We’re a public adjuster that will represent you and utilize our experience and knowledge to get exactly what you’re entitled to from your policy. We’ll remove the anxiety from your situation, because we’ll handle the whole claims process and get you to a point where you can start rebuilding.

Firstly, we’ll have the damages assessed, so we can prepare an estimate for repair costs. Then, we’ll comb through your insurance policy to understand exactly what’s covered and how much you can expect to receive. Then we’ll file your claim properly and begin the negotiations where we we’ll fight tirelessly to get the maximum settlement.

We want to reiterate that we remain with policyholders till the very end. That means we also deal with claim rejections. If that happens, we’ll assign an independent investigator to look through both the water damage and the fine details of the claim. They’ll then comprise an appeal, and we’ll renegotiate to get the maximum pay out possible.

Believe us, we’ll help you get your life back to normal.

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