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Get the Most For Your Storm Damage Claims By Hiring a Certified Public Adjuster

It’s too often the case that commercial and home insurance policies don’t provide the type of coverage that people assume they will, especially after a major storm results in extensive flooding or other property damage. At the same time that you are struggling to file your storm damage claim with your insurance company, so are thousands of other people. In those situations, you can benefit from hiring a public adjuster to take over your case and get the maximum settlement for your storm damage claims.

So what exactly does a public adjuster do? Simply stated, a public adjuster works on your behalf to level the playing field and help you receive equitable compensation for any storm damage you might have sustained. The services that a public adjuster provides include:

• Helping home and business owners understand their coverage
• Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf
• Documenting damages for your claim
• Scheduling reliable and accurate damage inspections

Most importantly, using the services of a public adjuster means that you don’t have to go it alone. After a traumatic event like a hurricane or tropical storm leaves your house damaged (and perhaps uninhabitable), the last thing that you want to have to worry about is dealing with an insurance company.

And make no mistake about it – insurance companies have a clear economic incentive not to pay the maximum for your storm damage claim. In fact, in a surprisingly high number of cases, they might deny your claim entirely. In some cases, this is because a claim was not submitted properly or in a timely manner. And in other cases, it is because a claim failed to provide the needed documentation in order for the insurance company to pay the claim.

That’s where the certified public adjuster steps into the picture. The adjuster will come out to your home or property, assess the damage first-hand, and then work with you to provide the right type of thorough documentation that the insurance companies provide. This adjuster will document the condition of your home, taking photos and recording the true damage to your personal property. Moreover, a public adjuster will negotiate on your behalf, getting the possible settlement.

With years of experience helping storm victims, we know exactly how the process works, and that also means that we know the types of loopholes that enable insurance companies to avoid paying the full amount for storm damage claims. We also know how to get your storm damage claim to the top of the pile. In a fair and just society, insurance companies need to fulfill their obligations. We provide the extra assurance that they will.

So if you have been a victim of a hurricane or major storm, you don’t have to go it alone. A certified public adjuster is ready to fight on your behalf, and navigate the entire process with you. The end result is that you will receive the maximum settlement for your storm damage claim.

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