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Our team of professional adjusters have assisted a countless number of home and business owners during hurricane storms and is fully aware of the damage such a natural disaster can impact on everyday life. The public adjusters based in Florida are well versed in theft and private property vandalism. Pinnacle Claim Services are pioneers in mitigating the pressure of having to deal with insurance firms. Insurance firm takes use of adjusters to prioritize their interests, wouldn’t you want the best in the business on your side?

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Fire Damage

A fire can cause tremendous damage to property. Apart from the entire building getting engulfed in flames, the extreme temperature and smoke along with soot can also cause damage. The water being used to put out the fire can also severely damage a building. The fire would ultimately require you to perform a complete overhaul of the building’s electrical and air-conditioning systems.

There are several key aspects to be considered when applying for a fire claim. What steps should you be taking and what are the steps which you can afford to skip? How can you get to know the finer details of your policy? Who caused the fire and what can be done about it? You would definitely require expert opinion on figuring out the answers to the above questions and that is where you can depend upon the services of, Inc. to assist you with the entire process.

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Our Florida insurance adjusters are on your side, working diligently to get you a fair settlement. In fact, we don’t get paid, unless you get paid. When it comes to homeowners’ insurance coverage for any type of water damage, hurricane, fire, water or even flood damage, look no further than





I noticed we had a leak in my kitchen. I contacted my insurance company and they ONLY offered me $600 for the damages! That would not even pay to repair the plumbing. A friend suggested that I contact a Public Adjuster. He told me that a Public Adjuster works for me and not the insurance company. After the Public Adjuster negotiated with my insurance company, my claim was settled for $38,500, this allowed me to restore my kitchen.

Joe – Parkfland FL

General Questions

When you encounter a natural disaster, it can be quite troublesome to seek assistance as you are not sure on whom to call for. is a group of professional public adjusters and support experts who are there to assist you at every step of the way to claim damage from emergency services and to obtain the final claim.

The most common problems people encounter with the insurance companies following damage to property following the initiation the claim process if the unreasonable time period took for settlements, deficiencies in the training of insurance adjusters and adjusters being overworked resulting in minimal attention to your own case. Also, you may be restricted with an inappropriate coverage or restrictions in the coverage.

There are no restrictions on the time period for settling the claims and each claim has a differing timeline. You can obtain your payment within a couple of days or it may take up to several days. It may require several rounds of negotiations and payments for you to be reimbursed appropriately.

Definitely not. Certain organizations have developed a reputation for being superior over the others but others have been known to delay the claims unwantedly. It is vital to adhere to your “duties after the loss” (duty to mitigate etc.) Get in touch with us, we would there to assist you!

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