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We have earned a reputation for being experienced, aggressive, and relentless attorneys who work hard to obtain the best possible outcome, maximizing your results in the most cost and time effective way. We do not waste your precious time or money.



We are the right law firm to support you and your loved ones in this time of stress. Most Personal Injury cases involve negligence. Our firm has professionals at every level to determine circumstances, interact with the responsible party(ies) and their third party payers, i.e., insurers, as well as file and forcefully prove damage or harm, including pain and suffering, or emotional distress; and, potentially punitive damages.




We provide vigorous, effective defense for those accused of criminal acts at the local, state or federal level. Our most effective involvement begins before formal charges are rendered, i.e., during investigation by the authorities to establish blame. The best mitigation is often obtained BEFORE criminal charges are filed. We know, work with, and have professional relationships with most of the prosecutors in the surrounding towns, counties, and federal offices on Long Island and in NYC.




Our law firm counsels both individuals and couples in all aspects of matrimonial law: marriage planning; negotiating prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements; preparation of separation agreements; and, divorce proceedings, when unavoidable.




Commercial litigation is often complex. We consult with you and your key personnel to ensure compliance with the law and regulations, and avoidance of future fines and litigation. If a lawsuit is filed, we seek to minimize damages; and, if trial ensues, we seek to make matters simple to understand for a jury or judge to promote favorable outcomes.





The Law Offices of Mark E. Alter has been providing clients with aggressive representation for over twenty-five years. Our law firm is dedicated to developing the best case strategy necessary to obtain optimum results for our clients.
Personal Injury
We work vigorously, thoroughly investigating each case, to determine all options available to come up with the best case strategy.
Criminal Defense
Our extensive experience and powerful, aggressive, and effective tactics ensure the best possible outcome.
Matrimonial Law
Marriage is a contract creating a legal and financial relationship that changes the status of both parties.
Commercial Litigation
We will work with you to explore all the legal options and actions available to your unique situation.


We are Long Island’s most aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorneys handling: DWI; Larceny; Assault; Drug Sale and Possession; Murder; and, all other Misdemeanors and Felonies.

We also concentrate in the area of Personal Injury litigation and our Attorneys handle all types of personal injury matters from automobile and motorcycle accident cases to trip and fall accidents.  We are well versed in the complexities of major catastrophic injury cases as well as more common, less severe but nevertheless life changing injuries.

We also handle marital and family law litigation from divorce to custody and support matters.

Our experienced attorneys handle legal matters and appear in Courts in most counties throughout the State of New York. Our offices are centrally located in Nassau County. From Garden City to Massapequa, we have built a reputation in these areas of law as aggressive and tenacious attorneys who fight for their clients.

If you are hurt and need a Personal Injury Attorney because you were injured in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, any other type of accident or injury causing event, a Criminal Defense Attorney because you have been arrested or are under criminal investigation, or a Matrimonial Attorney who will aggressively protect your rights, contact us.

The Law Offices of Mark E. Alter are comprised of a team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys, each who have earned a reputation for being aggressive and relentless in pursuing the best possible outcome for our clients, as well as professional support staff to investigate incidents and circumstances and provide expert testimony in cases.

Mark E. Alter, Esq.

When an accident occurs or you need the help and counsel of an attorney, knowing that the professionals at The Law Offices of Mark E. Alter are available to support you should offer both comfort and relief. With extensive experience in personal injuries, criminal defense, marital law and commercial litigation, the staff at The Law Offices of Mark Alter are prepared to assert your rights and your defenses to obtain a fair verdict, settlement, or judgment on your behalf.

The extensive experience of our excellent roster of attorneys and support staff get the results most beneficial to your cause. With over 25 years of experience, our legal team can represent your interests in civil cases and win substantial sums and favorable terms for our clients. Whether for personal injury or marital issues, our attorneys have the experience and know how to obtain the best, and most lucrative, settlement for you. For criminal defense, you can also be sure to receive full support as several of our attorneys have served as district attorneys in the area.

Our staff is active in legal committees and associations, as well as with the Bar Associations, to stay current with the laws and court decisions that shape verdicts, allowing the appropriate application to be used in your case. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Mark E. Alter can represent you in the local, state, and federal judicial environment with an assembled team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys, each of whom has earned a reputation for aggressively pursuing the best possible outcome for each of our clients. Each attorney possesses the legal experience and education to provide you with the legal representation you and all our clients demand and deserve.

We stand up for the citizens and businesses on Long Island to protect them against parties that want to cause harm or avoid paying for injury or loss be those insurance companies, large corporations, or judicial or regulatory authorities.

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Getting arrested, divorced, or being injured in an accident are all very serious matters necessitating the need to be represented by an experienced, aggressive and professional attorney. Our lawyers bring more than twenty-five years of experience zealously representing clients and obtaining the results they need. Our concentration is in the areas of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Negligence, Accident Victim representation, Matrimonial litigation including Divorce, and other Family Law and Domestic Relations matters as well as Commercial Litigation. Our aggressiveness and experience have recently led to a trend of many clients consulting with our office regarding issues concerning other areas of law including: insurance; other civil litigation; representation during police and other law enforcement investigations where no arrest has been made; and, even matters related to general legal disputes. Simply put, our clients have faith in our office based on their prior experiences with us. Contact our office when you need professional and aggressive legal representation in these serious, life altering matters.

We have earned a reputation for being experienced, aggressive and relentless attorneys who work hard in obtaining the best possible outcome, maximizing your results in the most cost and time effective way without delay. We do not waste your time or your money. Our goal is to get you past this time in your life and help you rebuild your life as soon as possible. Each case is worked thoroughly and continuously to the end, while remaining in full communication with you regarding updates because we understand how important your case is to you and your loved ones. Our clients’ satisfaction and resolve is what we strive for. Whether you need a DWI Lawyer, Criminal Defense Lawyer, an Accident Attorney, a Divorce Lawyer, or other legal representation, we are the Law Firm in Garden City, Massapequa, Mineola, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the Five Boroughs to call. If your case involves an Order of Protection, assault, weapons possession, a felony or misdemeanor, hurt and injured due to acts of others or negligence, arrested, or otherwise looking for an experienced Lawyer, call our firm now for an attorney who is aggressive and experienced in the area of Law for which you need representation.