About Us

Why Choose Us.

Welcome to YourParkandPublicAdjuster.com the official website of our company. Who are we? We are an honest and serious company, who is specialized in public adjustment work.

We are based in Parkland and we operate as a complete provider for adjustment work. In other words, we are a full public adjustment service provider that works in close relationship with other realities to provide clients with the best solutions available.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our main goal and we spend a huge amount of time and resources to make sure to deliver the best quality projects in a timely manner. In fact, we believe that speed is much more important than perfection and we know how stressful it can be to be waiting for the delivery of a project for a long time, without getting updates on how it is going. We feel that the public adjustment industry is, in particular, subjected to this behavior and we wanted to change this paradigm. We wanted to create an environment where like-minded individuals come together and build a phenomenal team, that takes care of every aspect of the roofing phases.

One aspect that really distinguishes us from the competition is the fact that we love long lasting relationships and collaborations. We believe that in order to build amazing projects and providing public adjustment services it is important to have synergy with every part involved. This is why we keep in touch with our clients before, during and after our job is done. We know that our work does not end once the roofing service has been delivered, but it keeps going for many years after the project has been completed. This note allowed us to build trustworthy relationships and to get

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